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Smart Meters

What is a smart meter?

22 May 2021

Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters. They are being installed in homes across Great Britain at no extra cost, to replace the traditional meters including prepay key meters, most of us currently have ticking away under the stairs, or outside our homes.

Unlike traditional meters, a smart meter sends your gas and electricity readings directly to your energy supplier so you don’t have to – very handy! So you've got more time for the things you love - like catching up on the latest football results.

Plus, smart meters enable accurate, not estimated billing – meaning, you only pay for what you use.

And when you get your smart meter, you can also get a handy in-home display (IHD). This can show you exactly how much energy you're using in pounds and pence, in near real time.

Please note:

  • Eligibility of smart meters may vary.
  • Consumer action required to obtain cost savings and budgeting benefits of smart meters.

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