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Low energy recipes to fuel you for the game

22 May 2021

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Low energy recipes to fuel you for the game

Want to grab a tasty meal before the big match? Or fancy a quick and easy half-time snack? Our recipes will help you get creative in the kitchen, and cut your energy use at the same time!

We used a smart meter and in-home display to measure how much the recipes below cost to make in pounds and pence.

The information your in-home display provides will let you measure your energy usage at home, too. So you can make changes to keep on top of what you’re spending at home.

Energy saving microwave chocolate flapjacks 

Fancy something sweet to eat to calm your nerves during a game? These microwave chocolate flapjacks are the perfect feel-good food.

These chocolate flapjacks take just 8 minutes to cook in the microwave. Did you know, cooking in the microwave uses far less energy than using your oven? And it's much quicker!

Energy cost: 3p.

Get the full recipe here.

Energy saving microwave Scottish salmon macaroni cheese

Want a celebratory meal for a big win, without the hefty energy price tag? This Scottish salmon macaroni cheese is the perfect solution.

Top tip: there’s no need to preheat the grill. The heat it generates as it’s coming up to temperature contributes nicely to the cooking process.

Energy cost: 8p.

Click here for the full recipe.

Energy saving microwave mojito cake

Take your winners celebration (or commiseration meal) to the next level with a fresh and zesty microwave mojito cake. And the best part? They only take 2 minutes to cook.

Baking cakes in the oven or steaming puddings on the hob both require lots of energy, but with a cooking time of less than 2 minutes, this mojito microwave cake really is a ‘green’ indulgence.

Energy cost: 2p.

Want to know more? Find the recipe here.

For more energy saving recipes, please visit Smart Energy GB.

Please note: while we have provided the energy cost of the recipes above, the cost for electricity use per kilowatt hour (kWh) depends on the tariff you are on, so the cost may vary.

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