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Digital & Social Media Channels

The growth of digital and social media has been particularly significant over the last decade, and the EFL has kept pace with that change in order to provide information and engagement around our clubs and competitions.

Key messages and information is globally consumed 24 hours a day, seven days a week and we have developed our online presence in order to engage supporters and provide the information they require, when and how they want to access it.

Our official EFL supporter-focused digital and social media channels are:


Facebook: @theEFL

Twitter: @EFL / @EFL_Comms

Instagram: @EFL

YouTube: /c/theEFL

Our digital presence is constantly evolving and expanding in order to ensure we provide the content our supporters want, while in addition to the above we also have a range of social media accounts dedicated to each of our competitions.

Supporters can also ensure they receive official email communications from the EFL by registering for newsletters at

These accounts are outlets both to provide official information and news on the EFL and through which we can engage with supporters tens of thousands of posts.  Together they represent a multi-platform audience of millions of fans and while we try to answer questions as best we can via social media, supporters should be aware that the EFL cannot guarantee a response to every supporter who contacts us via these channels. Should supporters wish to receive a guaranteed response to an enquiry or complaint they should follow the procedure outlined in the Supporter Services section of the Supporter Charter and contact us by email, post or phone.