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Did you know?

Have you ever wondered how the EFL fixture list is compiled before the start of the season?
Are you aware of the decision-making process when it comes to the occasional match postponement?
Perhaps you would like to know more about how matches are selected for broadcast and what the key dates are for the season.

This section aims to educate and inform on some of the key actions and decisions that are taken each season, and provide guidance as to where to look for further information.

Should you have another query that isn’t covered here then please contact us.

You can access a range of useful 'Did You Know' sections below:

  • EFL Fixture Compilation Process
    Click here to read all about the EFL fixture compilation process, what it involves, and the complexities of generating the individual match schedules for 72 Clubs.
  • Match Postponement Process
    From time to time matches may be postponed for a number of reasons, and you can click here to watch an animated video that talks through the process that underpins any postponement decision.
  • FAQs
    Should you have another query regarding the League and its competitions you may find it within our handy FAQ section. Click here to read more about a range of our rules, regulations and policies.