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EFL managers praise vital role of Clubs in the Community during Week of Action

20 January 2023

The EFL Week of Action has seen managers and players drop in on some of our lucky supporters and as the community campaign draws to a close, take a look at what some of the Sky Bet Championship, Sky Bet League One and Sky Bet League Two bosses have said...

"It's vitally important that community work that's done at Football League Clubs is recognised and supported by everybody within the Club. A League Club in a town is huge for the benefit of everybody and that's why it's really important to have that connection. I'm seen as the guy in charge of the football side of it so I always try and make myself available when I can and it gives me an opportunity to see fans close up."

Mark Hughes


"We pride ourselves on being a community club. We know we aren't the biggest club in the world but we try to be as close to our fans, because they make our Football Club what it is. One of the main things I would say to the players is to enjoy it. I even tell my lads that they should never lose sight of the enjoyment and why you started playing football in the first place."

Wade Elliott

"Burnley is always very active in the community. I'm a big believer that Football Clubs have a big responsibility within the local communities and just in general as a positive influence on their followings. I'm proud of the Club; it has an exemplary attitude when it comes to community involvement."

Vincent Kompany


"It's great to be able to help young people and hopefully give them a chance. The MFC Foundation does a terrific amount of work in the community, and we were keen for the two Foundations to partner up and work together where we can."

Michael Carrick


"It's great to see how tight we, as Norwich City Football Club, are with the community. It doesn't matter what your age is or where you come from, you can be part of this Football Club."

David Wagner

"It’s about the community, football is about the community and it’s about bringing everyone together. That’s something that we as players and managers need to understand and we want to give back. Sometimes there’s a stigma that football is all about the players and results and the players don’t give anything back, but they do and it’s important we showcase that as a Football Club."

Paul Ince


"It's important that we show our support as best as we can to the community, the people in the area, particularly young boys who are associated to the Club and want to come out and be part of the Club. The work that goes on here is unbelievable; it's incredible really so great credit to him. I know how challenging but how rewarding it is. People always look to the Football Club for things and we've got to make sure we're at the heartbeat of that community."

Neil Critchley


"I think that we're in a period where we're coming away from COVID and there's all these energy bills and things like that, and a lot of problems in people's lives. Anything that we can do as a Football Club - and anything that sport can do - is obviously fantastic."

Richie Wellens

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