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Smart Meters

Give estimated energy bills the red card

With a smart meter, estimated bills can be a thing of the past. Find out how to save on your energy bill and give estimated energy bills the red card!

26 October 2022

Picture this: the final whistle blows and the match commentator picks a winner based on who they think should have won according to previous results. You can’t picture it, because it wouldn’t happen.

There are lots of situations during the beautiful game that require accuracy. For instance, imagine trying to guess when 90 minutes were up without a timer – an absolute nightmare.

Accuracy is important in football, but even more so when it comes to managing your household budget. You wouldn’t go to the supermarket and let the cashier take a guess at what you owe – so why would you do the same with your energy bills?

You can give estimated energy bills the red card by getting a smart meter. A smart meter automatically sends regular meter readings to your energy supplier, this means you will get an accurate bill based on how much energy you have actually used.

Smart meters record how much electricity or gas you use – just like your existing meters. But with a smart meter, you can also see how much energy you’re using, on an in-home display (IHD). 

Smart meters and managing energy use: 

Shahid, a Bolton fan, has found knowing how much energy he’s using and what it’s costing super useful.

“It’s been a great help and made a huge difference to our household. Previously we had no control over bills and got a surprise when the bills were generated quarterly. Now we can be more economical and see the usage/cost throughout the day and night.”

A smart meter and IHD could help you feel more in control of energy use and take some of the guesswork out of balancing your budget by allowing you to have more information about your energy usage and what it’s costing daily, weekly and monthly. This could help you work out how to save energy around the home. For example, by switching the TV off at the wall.

Get a smart meter today!

Some homes can’t get a smart meter yet. Your energy supplier can tell you if you can have one and how soon it can be installed.

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