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Smart Meters

Score an open goal for your household with a smart meter

16 November 2022

Your favourite player is running down the pitch, they clear the halfway line, they look up and realise there is no defence and no goalkeeper; they shoot, they score!

On the pitch, an open goal would make life a lot easier for your team, but you may lose some of the thrill of getting the ball past the defence. Whilst on the pitch you might want the action and drama that comes with defence, off the pitch, having an ‘open goal’ in your life can help make things a bit more relaxing.

Getting a smart meter can be similar to scoring an open goal for your household finances and peace of mind.  

Without a smart meter, your energy bill might show that your supplier has estimated the amount of energy you have used, sometimes with an “E” marked against the meter reading. You then have to pay that amount – even if you have used less. Estimated readings can lead to large, unexpected bills.  

Smart meters record how much electricity or gas you use – just like your existing meters. But with a smart meter, you can also see how much energy you’re using, on an in-home display (IHD).  

Helping you keep a closer eye on how much energy you’re using, and how much it’s costing you. This could help take some of the guesswork out of balancing your budget. 

Mark, a Charlton fan, agrees “Seeing a daily breakdown of the amount I used helped me to realise where I could save money and what appliances were power hogs. This made budgeting a lot easier as I had a definite amount and not an estimated bill to go by.” 

Get a smart meter today!  

Some homes can’t get a smart meter yet. Your energy supplier can tell you if you can have one and how soon it can be installed. 

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