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Smart Meters

Know the score with the help of a smart meter

17 November 2022

Checking your team’s football scores at home while the match goes on often brings excitement but also uncontrollable apprehension.

Gone a goal ahead? Held on to a lead? Full time yet? All things we regularly check on our electronic devices as the match is being played.

An extra worry this season has not only been how our team performs on the pitch, but also a sense for many feeling out of control when it comes to high energy bills.*

Any assistance to helping feel more in control is welcome, we’re sure.

The EFL’s charitable arm, the EFL Trust and our network of Club Community Organisations (CCO) across the England and Wales are working with our partner Smart Energy GB to highlight the benefits that smart meters could bring to communities.

CCO staff are delivering talks and providing Smart Energy GB material to people they support. This includes demonstrations of the in-home display, sometimes called an IHD, which comes with a smart meter.

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How can a smart meter and in in-home display help me?

The IHD can help you keep a closer eye on how much energy you’re using, and how much it’s costing you, which can help take some of the guesswork out of balancing your budget?

Many people find the in-home display useful, like Tony, a foster carer, who takes part in weekly walking football sessions from (Newport) County in the Community.

“Having a smart meter and looking at the IHD has made us look at cutting back on energy where we don’t need it anymore,” said Tony.

“It helps us feel more in control of our energy bills.”

Is there an accessible version of the in-home display?

There is also an accessible version of the in-home display called an accessible in-home display (AIHD). These are available from some suppliers. They have larger buttons and can read information out loud.

An AIHD could be helpful if you are blind or partially sighted, have difficulties using your hands or wrists or have difficulties with memory loss.

Are prepayment smart meters available?

There’s also prepay smart meters available where you can top up when and where it suits you – online, on your mobile, or at the shops. If you have a prepay smart meter, you will receive the £400 grant from the Energy Bills Support Scheme automatically and will be transfer and credited onto your smart meter.

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There’s material available in different languages to highlight the benefits of smart meters.  CCOs, like Oldham Athletic Community Trust, have been providing the material to people where English may not be their first language.

Click here to access multi-lingual videos for your use.

Further advice is available

Every household in Britain will be offered a smart meter by 2025, regardless of whether you are a homeowner, rent or have a prepay meter and they could help you manage your energy bills.

If you're struggling with your energy bills you might be able to get help from certain schemes or grants offered by governments or energy suppliers.

Click on the links below to help you get to where you want to be quicker:

The above information was last checked on 15th September 2022 and was correct at that time. Things could have changed since then, so please visit the web links provided above for the most up-to-date information.

*Almost most half of Brits on a low income have said they feel out of control when it comes to their daily lives, with almost two thirds citing high energy prices as the reason for feeling an increased lack of control according to 2022 research published by our partners, Smart Energy GB.

**BEIS – Smart Meter Statistics in Great Britain: Quarterly Report to end March 2022.

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