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Girls Cup report: Isla Herring – Alder Community High School

30 November 2022

On Thursday the 17th of November, Alder’s year 7 and 8 girls were selected to compete in a football tournament at Woodley sports village against teams across Tameside and greater Manchester. Each game that was played was 6-a-side with 2 subs and 10 minutes long.

Despite the horrific weather, which was rainy and windy from start to finish, each girl that competed played amazingly and demonstrated both excellence and resilience on the pitch and should be extremely proud of themselves.

Match 1: Alder vs Kingsway

In their first match, Alder played Kingsway a school from stockport, who were an incredibly strong team. Towards the first half of the game Kingsway had most of the possession of the ball and demonstrated some really strong passes. Unfortunately for Alder, the first 3 goals went to Kingsway however Lily Thornburn, one of Alder’s year 8 girls, showed some amazing saves in net. The last half of the game was like the first and Kingsway scored another 3 goals meaning the final score was 6-0. Alder did not let this dishearten them though and still played brilliantly up until the final whistle. Both teams managed to combat the terrible conditions and did not let the rain effect their performance.

Match 2: Alder vs Hazel Grove

Alder’s second match was against Hazel Grove and unfortunately hazel grove scored within the first few minutes leaving the score 1-0. The weather conditions worsened through this match, and the girls were playing through heavy rain making both the ball and astro quite slippy. Soon after this goal, alder was given a penalty which was taken by Maddie Whyte one of Alder’s year 8s, but unluckily was saved by Hazel Groves goalkeeper.  Throughout the match both teams had equal possession of the ball however hazel grove displayed more shots on target than alder. The end score was 4-0 to hazel grove as they managed to score 3 extra goals. Both teams however worked brilliantly in their teams and should be proud of themselves.

Match 3 Alder vs Hulme Hall Grammar

Alder’s third game was against Hulme Hall Grammar a team with a strong striker. From the second the match started, possession of the ball was equal and both teams made strong passes and were working hard. The first goal went to Hulme Hall making the score 1-0. However, moments later Lily Thornburn from Alder scored Alders first goal of the day! This equaliser boosted Alder’s confidence which clearly showed in the rest of their match as soon after Alder’s Lacey Lester scored another goal giving alder the upper hand. Around halfway through the score was still 2-1 until Hulme Hall scored again. This game seemed much faster pace than the others and with that Alder scored again! Amelia Atherton on of our year 7s scored an amazing strike leaving alder ahead with the score of 3-2! With only minutes of the game to spare, this was looking like an alder victory but sadly Hulme Hall scored meaning the game finished in a draw.

Match 4: Alder vs Marple Hall

Alders last match was against Marple Hall, and I think at this point both teams had become victims of the undoubtably freezing weather as the game had quite a slow start. Although as each time began to warm up, they showed equal possession of the ball. Unfortunately, Marple Hall had more shots on target than Alder resulting in the score being 5-0 in the end. Overall, it was a great day and Alder’s girls should be proud as they continued fighting even with the rain and bad weather.

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