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Smart Meters

Pre-match prediction: Smart meters expected to take the lead over traditional energy meters

2 May 2022

Smart meters are being backed to pick up another win this season, with their stronger form and customer benefits shining through. More and more households across Great Britain are making the switch, find out why you should get one on your team.

When smart meters and raditional energy meters are compared head-to-head, it’s obvious that smart meter benefits cannot be matched by your traditional gas and electricity meters.

The benefits of smart meters over traditional meters include:   

  • Getting a bill based on how much energy you used – not an estimate. This could take some of the guesswork out of balancing your budget 
  • The in-home display (IHD) which comes with a smart meter, at no extra cost, allows you to see how much energy you are using as you use it, and what it’s costing you.  This could help you work out how to save energy and money around the home. For example, by switching the TV off at the wall. 

We sent out our reporter to find out why football fans from across the nation love their smart meters so much.  

Jamie from Charlton said, “It was such a great idea to get a smart meter installed as I’m a prepay customer. To be able to see both gas and electric without going outside is a massive bonus. I can also top up from my mobile phone and not stand in the shop and queue, which is handy” 

Jonathan from Ipswich told us, “We have been able to check daily usage. Now we can spot when we're using extra energy and see how we could reduce this.”  

To get a positive result like Jamie and Jonathan, such as seeing your energy usage daily, weekly and monthly, you’ll need to have a smart meter and IHD installed.

Get a smart meter today!  

Some homes can’t get a smart meter yet. Your energy supplier can tell you if you can have one and how soon it can be installed.  

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