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Most appearances of the season – referee edition

4 July 2022

It’s safe to say referees are the backbone of the beautiful game. That’s why, with the season coming to an end, we wanted to take a look back at the EFL referees who made the most appearances.

Starting with League Two, it’s a tie. With both Simon Mather and Tom Reeves making 17 appearances each.

Moving on to League One, Robert Medley takes the lead with 20 appearances this season.

And last, but not least, the Championship has seen a massive 32 appearances from Tim Robinson this season.

These referees have played their part time and time again this season - by enforcing the laws of the game, acting as time keepers and keeping an accurate record of the match.

Imagine if you could a have a referee in your day-to-day life, a little bit of added support to help keep things ticking along. Whilst having a personal referee would be hugely expensive, you could get a little bit of added support in your life by getting a smart meter at no extra cost.

Smart meters are the new generation of electricity and gas meters that record how much electricity or gas you use – just like your existing meters. But with a smart meter, you can also see how much energy you’re using, on an in-home display.

What do smart meters and referees have in common?

Accuracy – A referee’s job is to keep an eye on the match and ensure their decisions are accurate on the pitch. A smart meter can improve accuracy off the pitch. With a smart meter you can say goodbye to estimated bills and hello to accurate bills based on how much energy you have actually used.

Informed decision making – A referee will be constantly on the ball, ensuring they can see what’s going on at all times to make the best decision on the pitch. Getting a smart meter and in-home display (IHD) allows you to have more information about your energy usage off the pitch. This could help you work out how to save energy and money around the home. For example, by switching the TV off at the wall.

“It lets me see what is being used at any given moment. It’s helpful for making sure things are turned off before heading out for the day, and using things in moderation,” said Alex, Stoke City Supporter talking about his smart meter and in-home display.

Get a smart meter today!

Some homes can’t get a smart meter yet. Your energy supplier can tell you if you can have one and how soon it can be installed.

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