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Kids Cup report: Quinta Primary School

20 December 2022

A report of Quinta Primary School's run in Crewe Alexandra's qualifying round for the Utilita Kids Cup.

Group game 1 – Quinta Red vs Winford High Street Blue

Winsford kick off. Quinta burst forward on an attack, and it falls to Henry Hurlstone. He shoots, and it hits the outside of the post. Quinta get forward again and it's Seb Mitchell's shot but it's a save by the Winsford goalie. Henry Hurlstone decides to take a long shot and it smashes the crossbar; it was so close. At the final whistle, the end score was 0-0. Quinta were the better team and the defence, Billy Newton and Jack Brown, played superbly. Captain Ethan Cox dominated down the left, but Quinta struggled to score.

Group Game 2 – Quinta Red vs Hungerford Academy

Quinta wins kick off to start the second group game. Can Quinta forge a win?

Goal for Quinta Red! It's claimed by Henry Hurlstone. His initial shot was saved but he slid into the rebound and it hit the roof of the net. Quinta are 1-0 up. Seconds after, Quinta won back possession then Ethan Cox dribbled past two men then the keeper made the grave mistake of coming off his line to intercept the ball and Ethan passed the ball past him into the net 2-0 a great goal! Billy Newton had a crack from the halfway line and to everyone's surprise it bounced off the top of the crossbar – that would have been a fabulous goal. Suddenly Hungerford burst forward but Luca Marshall was there to make the save of the game to seal up Quinta's 2-0 victory. Henry and Ethan Cox were great all game once again the defence worked hard with all the rest off the team. This will help them get through to the quarter finals.

Group Game 3 – Quinta Red vs Weston Village Primary

Quinta must win this to top their group. The pressure is on. Quinta start by their usual pressing high up the pitch and winning back the ball in great areas. GOAL for Quinta. 1-0 from the goalscoring hero Henry Hurlstone slotted home with passion. The attacks are falling like rain for Quinta and from one drop Ethan Cox has found space and slotted the ball home. Well played by Quinta Red top of the group and the players go to find out the Quarter final draws.

Quarter Final – Quinta Red vs Blackfirs

Quinta had to play well this game. This was the biggest game yet in this tournament and the biggest game in Congleton; this was the derby. Quinta won kick off. 1-0 to Blackfirs. It was a well worked attack and a good finish, but Quinta could yet score. 2-0 and Quinta aren't having a great game, but the comeback is still on. 3-0 to Blackfirs and it might just be out of sight for Quinta. 3-1 Oscar Sheard will be the last man to score for Quinta as they unfortunately get knocked out. Quinta played well all tournament and they unfortunately got knocked out. It was a great campaign from them and they should all be proud the final score – 3-1 to Blackfirs; Quinta Red are out.

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