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Smart Meters

Taking control off the pitch with Smart Energy GB

25 April 2022

As we reach the climax of the 2021/22 season, it has certainly been a campaign filled with twists and turns. Whether your Club is pushing for promotion or fighting a relegation battle, there is still a lot to play for.

Smart Energy GB can’t control matters on the pitch but they can help supporters…see how, with a smart meter on your team, you can take control of your energy bills.

We know that the current challenges in the energy market are affecting a lot of supporters and we also know that you would all prefer to be thinking about the latest results than energy bills. And a smart meter is a small change that could help you feel more in control – like a top of the table team with three games in hand.

Smart meters come with an in-home display that shows you in near real-time exactly how much energy you are using and what it’s costing you. This can help you to make small changes to reduce your energy consumption, like turning off the TV at the wall after the match.

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Having a smart meter also means getting a bill based on how much energy you’ve used - not an estimate, which could take out some of the guesswork out of budgeting.

Glen, a Blackpool supporter, is already reaping the benefits of his smart meter. 

I can see what I’m using at all times and how much an appliance uses when you switch it on , e.g. how much the electricity use goes up when boiling the kettle etc.

"It makes you appreciate the cost more and makes you respect the use of the energy, and lets you keep on top of your bills as you can see at all times what the cost is currently."

See how others are using smart meters to stay in control of their energy bills

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