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Play-Off Final Q&A: Kurupt FM

27 May 2021

It's Play-Off Final week and we've got a celebrity fan interview for you! Take a look as Kurupt FM's MC Grindah talks all things Brentford ahead of Saturday's match against Swansea City at Wembley...

Firstly, how good is it to see your beloved Brentford in the Play-Off Final once again? 

"It's proper inspiring. They're probably the second-most inspiring group of young men to come out of Brentford, ever. We put Brentford on the map and now they're putting Brentford in the Premier League. In a way, we probably inspired them."

There were plenty of nerves during that Semi-Final second leg – have you recovered yet?

"Steves fainted after their first goal because he was finding the whole occasion a bit much... it was all a bit intense for him. Luckily, the players had a bit more composure on the field!

Fans will be back at Wembley for this year’s Final, but where will you be watching?

"Hopefully, Wembley!"

It’s been a successful season so far – do you still watch as closely as ever?

"Yeah, it's mad because it's on telly now and everything. Growing up, Brentford felt like this weird football club that no-one had heard of and you'd get laughed at by all the kids in their Man United shirts or whatever. But now we're on the telly and we're seen as a proper team. They still laugh at our shirts but they've heard of us now, so who's really laughing!"

Tell us a bit about how you became a fan and your early memories of the club…

"We all grew up in the area so we were going Griffin Park since we were kids. Beats and Steves actually used to be ball boys. There used to be a place in Griffin Park called Hate Corner where all the loud fans used to go so we would go nuts, screaming with all the fans. That's actually where my voice broke. It went all raspy the day after one of the games and it just never recovered."

Other than following the football of course, tell us a bit about what you’re up to these days…

"We've got our film coming out in August - 'Kurupt FM - Big in Japan' - so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that one. We're also working on our new self-entitled album Kurupt FM - Greatest Hits (part 1) which is all new music but we've checked and you are still allowed to legally call it Greatest Hits even if none of the tracks are technically hits yet."

What do you make of the current Bees squad? Do you have a favourite player?

"Ivan Toney. He's very similar to myself. Cool under pressure, a great leader, athletic, great eyes. I actually think we'd get on really well!" 

How would you rate their chances in the Premier League if they do go up?

"Hopefully we'll get a couple of new players. Maybe some of the old boys who are going cheap. Bring back some of the legends. Ginola and Bergkamp and all that. What's Cantona doing these days? Get him down." 

What would your message be to the players ahead of the Final?

"Stay focused, don't let yourselves be distracted by stupidness. Remember what the most important thing is - if you win this game you'll literally be in the Premier League and you'll get bare money." 

Finally, how do you see the Final going – let’s have a score prediction!

"8-0 to Brentford. Absolute landslide victory."

Kurupt FM have delivered their own Brentford FC Playlist Mash Up... it’s original! The playlist is deigned to get all Bees fans pumped for the game the Play-Off Final. Press play this Saturday ahead of kick-off and spread the word. Follow and share here:

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