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Play-Off Final Q&A: TRΔMPOLEИE

28 May 2021

It's Play-Off Final weekend and we've got another celebrity fan interview for you! Take a look as TRΔMPOLEИE talk all things Swansea City ahead of Saturday's match against Brentford at Wembley Stadium...

Firstly, how good is it to see your beloved team in the Play-Off Final once again? 

Oh I love it. So proud of the boys. Win or lose they've smashed this season for me. Hopefully we'll win though.

There were plenty of nerves during that Semi-Final second leg – have you recovered yet?

No. I've asked the doctors for some calming tablets but unfortunately they don’t give them just for being a Swansea City fan. 

Fans will be back at Wembley for this year’s Final, but where will you be watching?

I'll be in France, self isolating with Pete Doherty and the rest of his band...It's a good time. Hopefully I will be able to watch the game or listen to it on the radio.

It’s been a successful season so far – do you still watch as closely as ever? 

More closely than ever. Since moving away from Swansea and becoming a "Londoner" so to speak I think it's become some kind of way to stay connected to the city, it's religion for me.

Tell us a bit about how you became a fan and your early memories of the club…

My Dad took me as a kid to the The Vetch field, I watched the games sitting on his shoulders in the north bank.

Other than following the football of course, tell us a bit about what you’re up to these days…

Well to be honest I haven't long recovered from covid and it hit me harder than I thought it had. I didn't rest for long enough and apparently covid and crohn's disease don’t go very well together, who would have thought? So I'm supposed to be resting, but I'm writing songs in France with my friends now which what I love doing most in the world and is as close to resting as I seem to get. Also the new Trampolene album ‘Live No Less Than A Queen’ is released in August.

What do you make of the current squad? Do you have a favourite player?

André Ayew is pretty handy but in general I just love the way we play; fast passing and pressure, it's the Swansea city way. We have some great young players too. 

How would you rate your side’s chances in the Premier League if they do go up?

Oh I think Pep and his all conquering heroes will be shaking in their boots... 

What would your message be to the players ahead of the Final?

Go on lads. If you don't win - smash the gaff up! (Not really, be proud and enjoy the game, we love a day out).

Finally, how do you see the Final going – let’s have a score prediction...

We've been lucky in finals in my life, so I think we might lose this one on penalties! But just for laugh I'll go with 3-2 Swans win... 

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