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Reaching out and reconnecting: How Blackpool FC changed Chloe's life

8 December 2021

Having experienced homelessness and addiction and with her only income coming through Universal Credit Chloe really wanted to find employment.

However, her trans status and involvement within the LGBT+ community had provided a negative experience in previous workplaces which left her with no confidence and lacking any self-belief.

Enrolling on the Training Ground Programme in connection with Blackpool FC Community Trust saw Chloe gain numerous basic skills from Maths and English to money management. However, another huge personal achievement saw her participate in the weekly physical activity session having never really considered exercise as something for her.

The Training Ground Programme is aimed at young people aged 18-24 who are currently unemployed and may be at risk of becoming long-term unemployed. Participants may be in receipt of, or eligible to claim Universal Credit at the start of the programme. Participants equally may not be in receipt of any government benefits. Participants must be NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) to be eligible to take part in the programme. The Training Ground Programme is funded via a development grant issued to EFL Trust from the Youth Futures Foundation. This funding will cover the delivery costs of a pilot programme in partnership with 6 EFL Trust CCOs.

As Chloe’s confidence and self-belief started to grow, Chloe shone both inside and outside of the programme.

She commented “It’s the best thing I have ever participated in, and my future looks bright for the first time.”

Chloe grew professionally which resulted in her being offered a Volunteering Co-Ordinator Kickstart role. On top of this, the programme’s ability to nurture her self-worth and confidence also saw her reconnect with her family to share her success.

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