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Smart Meters

EFL fans share their top smart meter stories

10 August 2021

Do you save like a pro? Smart meters have been helping fans save up and down the country…

We’ve partnered with Smart Energy GB to share the benefits of smart meters with our all of fans. Hundreds of supporters across the country already have smart meters and they’ve been sharing their experiences with us...


"We have just moved to a new home with a smart meter. It has been revolutionary allowing us to understand how much our home costs to run. We quickly discovered that an emersion heater had been left on by the vendor after our daily costs seemed high. Since then, we have halved our bills and emissions." - Ben, Mansfield Town

"The best thing about my smart meter is not needing to submit the reads. No more estimated bills and zero effort required. The display is also great for seeing how much energy I am using (I only have electric) which can be surprising! Who knew a kettle was so energy-thirsty!" - Billy, Portsmouth

"Our smart meter saves us money the way Charlie Austin and Robert Green saved QPR's Play- Off push in 2014. And the way ease of use Is as brilliant as Zamora’s winner! We wouldn't be able to live without our smart meter; it saves us money every month and shows me exactly where I could save more." - Jack, QPR  

"I got a smart meter not only to save money, but to help with my knee disability. I am unable to read my meters because of the position they are in. It has been a godsend to me, enabling me to have a bill with a reading that is correct and not estimated. It has therefore been great to be able to economize and note which appliances use the most energy." - Alan, Rotherham United


"By using a smart meter, we've been able to be more efficient with how we use electricity. Being able to see how much different appliances cost to use has helped educate myself and the kids about the importance of energy saving." - Jess, AFC Wimbledon


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To find out more about how a smart meter could benefit you see here

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