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How to watch your team live this weekend!

Here's all you need to know to watch your side from home this weekend.

18 September 2020

Supporters don’t have to miss a kick as the EFL action continues this weekend after Sky Sports and the EFL agreed a new flexible framework that will ensure league matches are either available for broadcast or streaming whilst access to matches is restricted.

Sky Sports will show 130 live EFL league matches throughout season 2020/21, starting this weekend.

Alongside Sky Sports coverage supporters can also get access to matches through their Club’s iFollow (or equivalent) streaming service.

To help supporters see all the action this weekend, we’ve put together the following Q&A, to explain all you need to know.

How can I watch my Club play while access to matches is restricted?

Whilst the doors remain shut to fans, or with limited spectators allowed through the turnstiles, an arrangement exists whereby all matches that are NOT LIVE on Sky Sports will be available to stream by Clubs on iFollow (or Club equivalent service), for a match pass price of £10. Under the agreement Season Ticket holders will be provided access to all HOME GAMES, subject to the agreement of the Club where the supporter holds a season ticket.

I am a current season ticket holder, how do I get access to matches?

The match by match streaming and season ticket offer is a TEMPORARY measure that has only been put in place whilst Clubs operate at a zero or reduced capacity and will be subject to regular review with the first set for early October.

While these measures are in place, subject to individual Clubs choosing to provide access, Season Ticket holders will be given the opportunity to access fixtures in the 2020/21 season online, subject to each club giving season ticket holders access to a promotional code, on a match by match basis. If a season ticket holder has not received a promotional code then they must contact their Club to check if they are eligible.

As a season ticket holder, do I get a match promotional code for every game, home or away?

CHAMPIONSHIP Clubs have the option to provide streams for season ticket holders of:

  • All home matches, including those shown live on Sky
  • any midweek away match, including those shown live on Sky.
  • However Clubs cannot provide access to any away weekend match, live on Sky or not, within a season ticket package.

LEAGUE ONE AND TWO Clubs can provide streams for season ticket holders of:

  • All home matches, including those shown live on Sky
  • Clubs cannot provide access to any away match, live on Sky or not, within a season ticket package.

I have received a promotional code for a match, what do I do to redeem it?

Redeeming a match promotional code is a straightforward process, and supporters should have received details on how to activate their codes directly from their Club depending on whether they offer streaming via iFollow or equivalent streaming service. In order to activate a code via iFollow, supporters must either register for a new account, which only takes a matter of minutes, or login to their existing iFollow account.

The code can only be redeemed once, and when it has been activated supporters can then login to iFollow to watch the match action on their preferred device. Please note supporters can only access the stream from one single device at a time. For further instructions on how to redeem a promotional code via iFollow please access our iFollow FAQs here.

iFollow - How to Redeem a Promo Code.jpg

What if my code doesn’t work or I have problems registering?

Instructions to redeem a promotional code via iFollow or equivalent service should be issued by each respective Club. For Clubs on iFollow, should a supporter not be able to successfully redeem their promotional code, there is a range of useful FAQs here, which provides instructions on how to redeem, register for the first time, or link a code to an existing account.

Should further support be required please contact the iFollow support team via

How do I know if my team has been selected to be shown live on Sky Sports?

The latest games selected for Sky Sports coverage over the first three weeks of the 2020/21 season are now available to view online at or via individual club channels. Further live Sky Sports broadcast selections for the season will be announced by the EFL and Clubs in due course.

I’m a Non-Season Ticket holding supporter, how can I watch matches?

In addition to watching the League fixtures broadcast on Sky Sports, non-season ticket holding supporters can still purchase any of the games not shown on Sky Sports, via their Club’s iFollow (or equivalent) streaming service at the current domestic match pass price of £10.

iFollow - How to Buy a Match Pass.jpg

I’m already an iFollow subscriber in the UK, will I be able to watch the remaining games via my existing subscription?

In the UK any iFollow annual or monthly subscription will only entitle a fan to listen to games. If a holder of one of those passes is ALSO a season ticket holder at their Club, then they should have received a promotional code in order to view the games at no fee (subject to access provided by each Club). If they are not a season ticket holder, then they will need to buy a match pass at £10 per game.

I’m an existing International iFollow subscriber, what will I get access to?

Outside of the UK, holders of annual or monthly subscriptions will be able to view all their Club’s matches live, under normal terms and conditions (i.e. broadcast rights may mean some matches are unavailable for streaming in certain locations), and video passes will also available on a match by match basis for International fans, for applicable games as standard.

Where else can I watch highlights or tune in for action or commentary from the games?

Quest (available on Freeview) are providing extended highlights of matches on both Saturday evenings and midweek, whilst talkSPORT are providing exclusive national radio commentary on some Championship matches.

Can I access iFollow via my television?

iFollow is available across desktop, mobile, tablet and app, and TV play is not currently supported. Users watching matches live on a mobile phone will have to use the iFollow app, which is available via the App Store and Google Play Store by searching ‘EFL iFollow’.

Can invite my friends over to my house so we can all watch iFollow together?

The EFL recommends supporters follow the current Government advice, which is available to view here. In England, limits on the number of people you can see socially are changing. From Monday 14 September, when meeting friends and family you do not live with you must not meet in a group of more than 6, indoors or outdoors. Anyone watching the iFollow streaming service with others should do so safely and within the guidelines set out by Government (subject to any further Government updates).

If I have a technical or subscription query, how can I get some support?

For any further technical advice relating to the iFollow service, supporters should visit the iFollow FAQ & Support area, which provides guidance for season ticket holders, non-season ticket holders both home and abroad, as well as a range of troubleshooting advice. To view the FAQs please click here. For Clubs that offer an equivalent streaming service, supporters should check the support contact details on their Club’s website.

To buy your match pass, click HERE or visit you Club’s website.

If you are experiencing any problems, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. 


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