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Q&A: Emiliano Marcondes

4 August 2020

We spoke to Emiliano Marcondes ahead of tonight's Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final between Brentford and Fulham, here is what the Dane had to say...

It all comes down to this, a Play-Off Final against Fulham - how ready is this team to make history? 

We are so ready, we are filled with energy - we have been dreaming about playing this game the whole season and we didn’t know we would have the chance to go up directly but it was our aim to make the top six, play the Play-Off games and get to the final. So we are very ready and filled with a lot of excitement. 

It is a West London derby in this season’s Championship Play-Off Final, how impressed have you been by Fulham?

We are really looking forward to the game, we feel how important this game is for the fans who have let us know through social media - of course a West London derby is a special thing. Fulham are fearing us because we have beaten them twice this season and they haven’t scored in those games, I think it is going to be a magic night. 

How good are the BMW (Benrahma, Mbeumo, Watkins)?

They have been very important for us and have scored a lot of goals, they have taken a lot of responsibility for us attacking and we know that they can handle that pressure. They have done amazingly on and off the pitch and deserve a lot of credit for how they have conducted themselves this season. 

How important would it be for you to reach the Premier League?

I have been watching the Premier League since I was a little kid and I have always been dreaming about playing against the biggest teams, growing up and playing against some of the best players in the world in that league. I think it is the best league in the world and it would be nice for me and the team to have a seat in the best division in the world. 

Wembley is a magnificent stadium, have you been there before?

I have been to watch Tottenham Hotspur in a few Champions League games as well as a couple of Premier League games also, it is a fantastic stadium. I have never played there and the first time I went there I got a bit of a shock because of how big it is, I know it was a large stadium but did not expect it to be that big. 

Do you see yourselves as favourites to win the game on Tuesday night after already being Fulham twice this season?

I think we are the favourites because we have won those two games against them earlier on in the season, so I don’t see why we shouldn’t have the favourites tag. They are a bigger club but we have played well against them and are 3-0 up on aggregate against them, so I am really confident saying that because we are the better team than them. 

Would reaching the Premier League be the pinnacle of your career so far?

One hundred per cent. It would be the biggest achievement of my career so far; playing in these types of games are the most important games I have ever played and it would be a dream come true for me to reach the Premier League. 

What is Thomas Frank like to work with?

He is very professional and very clever tactically. With the players that are also not playing a lot he is very good at taking care of them, saying to them that although that you might not be playing at the minute there is a chance that you will do, so you have to be ready and be on your toes in training. He wants you to press your teammates to be 100 per cent, so it is a very important thing that everyone does not see, he is a good guy and a good coach. 

There have been a lot of Danish players to play in the Premier League over the years, have you any particular favourites?

I think Christian Eriksen is certainly up there for me. As I said before, I have been to see Tottenham a few times and I have been watching him since I was very young and we play in a very similar position. He is one player that I have always admired, he is a fantastic player. 

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