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Independent Disciplinary Commissions and League Arbitration Panels

17 August 2020

There have been a number of proceedings that have taken place in recent months and with the majority of these matters having now been concluded.

Birmingham City

In March 2020, an Independent Disciplinary Commission dismissed a misconduct charge brought by the EFL against Birmingham City. The EFL subsequently appealed the decision and an Independent League Arbitration panel upheld the appeal and found the Club guilty of misconduct.

Decision - Decision dated 6 March 2020.pdf

Appeal - EFL v Birmingham FC - Appeal.pdf

Sheffield Wednesday

Following June’s Independent Disciplinary Commission, we can now provide the decision on liability and written reasons on the 12-point sanction in respect of the charge relating to the League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules for the three season reporting period ending with Season 2017/18.

Decision - EFL v Sheffield Wednesday FC - Decision.pdf

Decision on sanction - EFL v Sheffield Wednesday - Decision on Sanction.pdf

Wigan Athletic

Written reasons for the dismissal of the Club’s appeal in respect of the sporting sanction imposed as a result of the Club entering Administration in July 2020.

Decision - Wigan Athletic v EFL.pdf

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