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League Two

EFL Statement: Macclesfield Town

12 November 2019

The EFL is continuing to have an open and ongoing dialogue with Macclesfield Town as a result of the current challenges facing the Club.

Discussions have been taking place over a number of weeks and months which have resulted in the EFL securing payment of wages for the period of July and September through the use of solidarity and basic award payments.

It is understood that there has been some challenges with the banking process that has delayed further payments and this is a matter that the ownership of the Club must look to resolve at the earliest opportunity for the best interests of the players, staff, and supporters of the Club.

With this in mind, the EFL has now commenced a formal investigation under EFL Regulation 63.7 in light of further allegations made by both the players and the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) in respect of non-payment of wages.

Discussions will continue with the Club and the PFA to try and find an appropriate solution, and the Club has until no later than 4pm on Wednesday 13 November to provide a response to the EFL’s request for information.

However, if matters cannot be resolved then the EFL Board has authorised the commencement of disciplinary proceedings and under such circumstances, the independent Disciplinary Commission will have the power to impose a full range of sanctions as set out in Regulation 92.

In addition, the EFL has asked for and received assurances from the Club that it can meet its obligations to field a team in accordance with Trophy rules for Wednesday’s fixture with Shrewsbury Town. In the event they fail to comply then they will forfeit the tie and be expelled from the competition under competition rule 20.2.


Competition Rule 20.2

Any Club without just cause failing to fulfil an engagement to play a fixture in the Competition on the approved day or date shall forfeit the tie and be expelled from the Competition. They shall also be liable to pay a compensatory payment to their opponents in the sum of £5,000. Such sum shall be paid to the League forthwith upon demand, for onward payment by the League to the defaulting Club's opponents. Such failure without just cause to fulfil an engagement to play a fixture shall be deemed misconduct and render the Club liable to such further disciplinary proceedings as are permitted pursuant to the Regulations.


Regulation 63.7

Regulation 63.7 provides that: “The terms of a Standard Contract between a Club and a Player shall be strictly adhered to.”


Regulation 92

92.1 The Disciplinary Commission may at any time make a decision, and may make more than one decision at different times on different aspects of the matters to be determined.

92.2   A decision may:

92.2.1     order a party to do or refrain from doing anything;

92.2.2     order a specific performance;

92.2.3     make a declaration on any matter to be determined;

92.2.4     issue a reprimand or warning as to the future conduct of a party;

92.2.5    order the payment of compensation to The League, any Club, any other club, Player or other person;

92.2.6     order a suspension of membership of The League;

92.2.7     order a deduction of points;

92.2.8     impose a financial penalty payable to The League;

92.2.9     recommend expulsion from membership of The League;

92.2.10   order a withdrawal or loss of benefit otherwise available to members of The League e.g. basic award or ladder payment;

92.2.11   impose an embargo on registration of Players;

92.2.12   order any other sanction as the Disciplinary Commission may think fit; and

92.2.13   order that interest be payable on any sums awarded under this Regulation for such period and at such rates as the Disciplinary Commission thinks fit.

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