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Bury FC Review

6 December 2019

The EFL Board has decided that the Bury FC Review will take place in one phase focused specifically on what happened at Bury FC. It will establish the circumstances leading to the withdrawal of Bury's membership of the EFL, including how the EFL's rules, regulations and policies were applied in this case.

This is because EFL Clubs are already engaged in a separate process, outside of the Bury FC Review, to review Division-specific cost control measures (in the Championship, the Profitability and Sustainability Rules, and in Leagues One and Two, the Salary Cost Management Protocol).

Therefore, the previously proposed second phase of the Bury FC Review to consider whether any changes are required to the EFL's regulations, policies and procedures relating to financial sustainability of clubs, will be considered as part of the work being undertaken by Clubs.

The findings of the Bury FC Review may inform discussions between the EFL Board and Clubs about these cost control measures, club ownership and the EFL’s role in change of control procedures, with the overall objective of helping to protect and improve the financial sustainability of member clubs and so to reduce the risk of other member clubs losing their EFL membership in future.

The aim is for Jonathan Taylor to provide an interim report to the EFL Board of Directors in January 2020, and then to present a final report to all member clubs at the club meeting in February 2020.

The Board and member clubs will then consider what modifications should be made to EFL’s Articles of Association, regulations and procedures in light of the findings of the Bury FC Review. Any changes approved by clubs at the EFL’s 2020 AGM would then come into immediate effect.

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