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iFollow continuing to benefit international fans

"Since discovering iFollow, I find myself looking forward to every Saturday more than I ever did before!"

10 April 2019

Blackburn Rovers fan Eirik spends his Saturdays in the same way most of us do - cheering on his beloved club, interacting with other supporters and kicking every ball from afar - but it hasn't always been that easy.

Being based in Norway, Eirik had found it difficult to watch his team on a regular basis, until the introduction of iFollow, which has since allowed him to feel close to Ewood Park, despite living hundreds of miles away.

In his own words, Eirik has been explaining how the EFL's live streaming platform has left him looking forward to matchday "more than ever before"...

When I was five years old my parents went to London on holiday.

At that time I was collecting football trading cards and I really liked the blue and white Blackburn Rovers shirt, so I asked if they could buy that one for me. They brought home the 1995/96 home shirt with Henning Berg's name on the back, and after that it was only ever Rovers for me. It used to be quite difficult following Rovers from Norway until recently, but these days it's much easier. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't old enough to remember the Premier League title win back in 1995. The promotion back to Premier League back in 2001 and the League Cup win in 2002 were good memories. At the moment though, I think when we sealed promotion last season is my favourite memory. Probably because I was much more involved this time, through watching all the games on iFollow and travelling over from Norway for a couple of games.  

Watching Rovers on iFollow has made my life as a supporter much more interesting. Before iFollow, I had to listen to the games on radio, which made it more difficult to have opinions on how Rovers were playing. A big part of being a supporter is having conversations with other supporters about what's right and wrong with the club. After discovering iFollow, I find myself looking forward to every Saturday more than I ever did before. 

With a one-year-old boy at home, I don't really have a matchday routine. I usually just think a lot about the game and wait for the team news! When we're approaching kick-off, I find myself a room where I can sit without being disturbed, switch on iFollow and enjoy the coverage.

iFollow has definitely made it much easier to follow the club and interact with other Rovers fans, both in England and abroad. I find the service easy to use and would absolutely recommend other fans living abroad to use it.

These days, there are actually many Rovers fans in Norway. Some started supporting the club because of the success back in the 90s; others because of all the Norwegians that have played there. With iFollow, I'm sure there will be even more in future.

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