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League One

Shrewsbury Town: Target reached for Safe Standing Project

17 October 2017

EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey has congratulated all those involved in supporting Shrewsbury Town's Safe Standing Project, after the club announced they had reached their £65,000 fundraising target.

Harvey said: “I am pleased that Shrewsbury Town has successfully sourced the necessary funding to support the proposed installation of rail seating. I know the campaign has benefitted from a strong community effort and I congratulate the club’s supporters, as well as those from other clubs that have contributed.

“The EFL is committed to seeking a change in the law that will give all of our clubs the same opportunity to install standing accommodation at their grounds should they wish. We are keen to see how the installation enhances the matchday experience at Shrewsbury Town and we hope that it provides evidence that we can take to Government to support our objective.”

Shrewsbury CEO Brian Caldwell told the club's official website: “It’s fantastic that we’ve eventually got there. We’ve got to thank everyone. Nearly 1,000 fans have donated to the cause – not just Shrewsbury fans, but fans from all over the country – as well as sponsors who have put money in and backed the campaign.

“From day one we always wanted to support the Supporters’ Parliament to make sure that we got this over the line and we’re delighted that we’ve got that. It’s great news and a huge step forward.”

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The Shrews are the first EFL club to apply for a licence for rail seating, an action that was made possible after the EFL and the SGSA established a process whereby the 29 clubs in the EFL that are not currently subject to an all-seater requirement could seek to install rail seating at their stadium.

Beyond the provisions set for the 29 clubs not subject to the All-Seater Policy, the EFL continues to lobby the Government for changes that would enable all 72 member clubs the same opportunity to utilise standing accommodation if they so wish.


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