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The social final

28 February 2016

For the first time ever, fans anywhere in the world will be given the opportunity see how the two benches react as the game progresses thanks to The Football League’s ‘Final Cam’ Twitter initiative.

There will be 90,000 lucky fans packed inside Wembley for today’s match – but thanks to The Football League’s innovative social media activity for this year’s Capital One Cup Final, supporters around the world not fortunate enough to be here will be more a part of the day than ever before.

With two high-profile managers in charge of today’s teams, all eyes will be on the two dugouts as Jürgen Klopp and Manuel Pellegrini aim to guide their team towards the first silverware of the season.  And, for the first time ever, fans anywhere will be given the opportunity see how the two benches react as the game progresses thanks to The Football League’s ‘final cam’ Twitter initiative.

At any point during the 90 minutes today, plus extra-time and penalties if they should be needed, supporters will be able to simply send a tweet to receive an ‘on demand’ instant photo of their team’s dugout, taken by special cameras placed next to the technical area.

To receive a photo of the Liverpool bench, fans just have to send a tweet to @CapitalOne_Cup using #LFCBench, while supporters of Manchester City just have to use #MCFCBench in their tweet to @CapitalOne_Cup.

In addition to the bench photos during the game, fans will be able to get a flavour of the build up to the final by tweeting #WembleyWay to @CapitalOne_Cup in order to get a real-time image showing fans making their way up the famous approach to the stadium.

The ‘final cam’ activity follows on from The League’s #ShirtOfSupport campaign that has been run in the week leading up to today’s game, which gave fans of both Liverpool and Manchester City the chance to register their support for their club via Twitter.

In order to get involved and count towards their club’s total number of fans backing them today, supporters had to tweet their club’s Twitter handle alongside either #RedsAtWembley or #CityAtWembley to receive an instant response containing their team's shirt personalised with the fan’s Twitter handle on the back, as well as a fan number and a thank you message from The Football League.

Each club’s amassed digital support has been given a visible presence here at Wembley Stadium Connected by EE today, with the Twitter profile pictures of fans registering for a #ShirtOfSupport being used to create a mosaic image to be displayed on digital screens at the game – including in the tunnel as the players walk out. The combined physical audience of 90,000 fans at the match and the digital ‘crowd’ represented through the Twitter profile picture mosaic will mean the Capital One Cup Final 2016 will be the ‘most attended’ final ever.

To round off the campaign, The Football League will be sending a congratulations tweet after the final whistle to fans of the winning team who registered for their #ShirtOfSupport, with the tweet including a photo of the winning team lifting the trophy.

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