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Fans' Favourite Kits Revealed

15 October 2015

Last month fans were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite club kit this season via The Football League’s Facebook page.

And now, with over 24,000 votes cast across the 144 home and away kits, we can now reveal the results!

As with any vote of this nature, it is not a scientific survey and so the results should be taken in the context of the differing fan base sizes of each club.


In the Championship, Leeds United finished top, with their home kit taking 31% of the home kit votes for the division, and their away kit polling 26% of away kit votes. Sheffield Wednesday, Birmingham City and Nottingham Forest finished second, third and fourth respectively in both home and away kit votes, with Cardiff City taking fifth place in the home vote and Ipswich Town fifth in the away vote.

Half the clubs in the division had a more popular home kit than away kit. Bristol City and Reading had particularly popular away kits relative to their home kits.

To see all the Championship kits this season visit our Facebook gallery.

League 1

In League 1, Sheffield United topped both the home and away kit votes, polling 21% of the votes for each. The Blades’ home kit ranked actually the seventh most popular home kit in the whole Football League, while their away kit went one better, taking sixth place.

Bradford City took second place in the division for both home and away kits. Burton Albion’s home kit took third place, followed by Swindon Town and then Scunthorpe United’s home kit, which displays the logo of Prostate Cancer UK. Swindon and Burton reversed positions in the away kit vote, with Peterborough United taking fifth place.

Again, half the clubs in the division had a more popular away kit than home kit, in particular Peterborough United and Doncaster Rovers.

To see all the League 1 kits this season visit our Facebook gallery.

League 2

In what proved to be a popular League 2 vote, Bristol Rovers’ home and away kits both came out top, polling 19% and 16% respectively, with both placing fourth most popular out of the entire Football League – in fact, out of the entire 144 kits, Rovers’ home kit came seventh and the away kit ninth.

Portsmouth claimed second place in the division in both the home and away votes, with Notts County, Cambridge United and Wycombe Wanderers rounding out the top five home kits. Two of those clubs also featured in the away kit top five, with Cambridge in third place, Northampton Town in fourth and Wycombe Wanderers in fifth.

Continuing the trend from League 1 and the Championship, half of League 2 clubs have an away kit that is more popular than their home kit, in particular Northampton Town, Morecambe and Barnet. To see all the League 2 kits this season visit our Facebook gallery.

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