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Chance conversation before the match might have saved Chesterfield fan’s life

7 May 2015

When Chesterfield fan Ivan Stone was late getting to a match the last thing he expected as he hurried to take his seat was a chat about prostate cancer.

Pat Patterson was at the Proact Stadium taking part in a bucket collection for Prostate Cancer UK, the official charity partner of The Football League, when he struck up a conversation with Ivan in March 2014. A conversation that was to have a real impact.

Some time after the match 67-year-old Ivan decided to visit his doctor and was unfortunately diagnosed with prostate cancer. But, thanks to the chance conversation before the game, his illness was caught early.

Pat, who himself is living with advanced prostate cancer, said: “I’m talking to people at football matches until I drive them mad and it’s nice to see somebody where it’s successful, simple as that.”

Now, after joining PCUK’s Men United campaign, Ivan has been reunited for the first time with 75-year-old Pat and has had the chance to thank him for a seemingly-insignificant chat which may in fact have helped to save his life.

“The guy that handed you the leaflet, you want to track him down and buy him a pint because he’s either saved your life or prolonged your life, you owe him a lot,” Ivan said.

“If I can save somebody’s life by doing a bucket collection and talking to them I will do it, because I feel it’s perhaps contributed to me going to the doctor’s and finding out.”

Pat and Ivan met on a Prostate Cancer UK matchday, part of the charity's partnership with The Football League. If you would like to help in the fight against prostate cancer and help more people like Ivan, then join Men United today.

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