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World Cup A-Z: Extra-time

21 May 2014

From being employed in the group stages to having golden goals forced upon it, extra-time has been a regular, in one form or another, throughout the recent history of the FIFA World Cup.

Following Brazil 1950 when no games could go to extra-time due to the group format throughout the tournament, FIFA decided that extra-time would be used in the group stages at Switzerland 1954. If tied after 90 minutes matches would go to another 30 minutes, but if games were still tied after that point, the result was a draw.

Then came the golden goal in 1998. This brought extra-time to an end whenever the first goal was scored during the 30 minutes, and four World Cup games have ended this way.

Six of the 19 World Cup Finals have needed two extra periods of 15 minutes to be added on in a bid to identify the tournament champions. Four of those six ended after 120 minutes, two went to penalties.

Here is a deeper look at extra-time in numbers:

0 - The 1950 World Cup, held in Brazil, had no matches that could even go to extra-time as group stages were used throughout the tournament.

1 - The first World Cup game in the Finals that went to extra-time was in 1934 when Austria beat France 3-2 in the first round. The match was tied at 1-1 after 90 minutes.

4 - Four successive England matches that could go to extra-time did, between 1990 and 1998.

4 - Four out of the 19 tournaments haven't had a single game go to extra-time - 1930, 1950, 1962, 1974.

5 - The most goals that have ever been scored in the 30 minutes was in what is described as 'Game of the Century' between Italy and West Germany in a semi-final at Mexico '70, where five goals were netted. Italy won 4-3.

6 - Six Finals have gone into extra-time - 1934, 1966, 1978, 1994, 2006, 2010.

6 - Spain, Brazil and Argentina are all unbeaten in six extra-time appearances. Spain and Argentina have won two and drawn four, while Brazil have been victorious once and tied five times, within 120 minutes.

8 - Italia 1990 had the highest number of matches go to extra-time of any World Cup Finals, with eight of the 16 knockout games lasting at least 120 minutes.

11 - Italy are also the team to have the appeared in the most extra-time matches in World Cup Finals, with 11. They have won five, drawn five and lost once. Germany (including West) are second in the appearances list with nine, winning only once. They've drawn five and lost three. England sit third on the list with eight extra-time games. They have won three, drawn four and lost one.

24 - 24 of the 55 matches have been goalless during extra-time.

25 - Of all games that could use extra-time, exactly 25 per cent have - 55 out of 220.

27 - Out of the 55 extra-time games, 27 have been decided in the additional 30 minutes.

28 - 28 of the 55 matches have either ended as a draw or gone to penalties.

These stats were all taken from World Cup Finals tournaments and do not include any qualification campaigns.

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