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World Cup A-Z: Commentary

19 May 2014


There is something quite heart-warming about listening to the sound of a goal being announced by a passionate commentator.

Just so long as it isn't your team on the receiving end you can pretty much be sure most will enjoy hearing the prolonged delivery of the word 'goal' at near voice-breaking levels.

Football commentary, as we know it in this country, made its debut on 22nd January 1927 on the BBC Radio service for a Division One match between Arsenal and Sheffield United, just three weeks after the Beeb received its first Royal Charter.

Former Harlequins rugby player Henry Blythe Thornhill Wakelam was the man to make history, from a wooden shed at Highbury.

To assist people listening in the comfort of their own homes, the pitch was divided into eight numbered squares and the plan printed in the Radio Times. It is believed that this is where the phrase 'back to square one' originates from.

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