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World Cup A-Z: Yellow cards

10 June 2014

Yellow cards were introduced to the World Cup in 1970 and since then they have become a staple of football, creating a whole array of facts and figures along the way.

Here are some of the numbers that make up the story of the punishment in the 44 years prior to this summer's tournament in Brazil...

1 - The fastest caution, in the first minute, is shared by Italy's Giampiero Marini against Poland in 1982 and Sergei Gorlukovich of Russia against Sweden in 1994.

3 - Croatia's Josep Simunic picked up three yellow cards in a 2006 game against Australia. Graham Poll was the referee and cautioned Simunic in the third minute, the 90th - though didn't give out the necessary red card - and the 93rd, when he eventually dismissed the serial offender.

6 - The most cautions earned by an individual player in his World Cup career is six, by Brazil's Cafu from 1994 to 2006.

9 - The most yellow cards collected by a team in a single World Cup match is nine. Portugal picked up nine against Holland in 2006, before Holland received nine themselves against Spain in the 2010 final.

14 - The 2010 final is the final that has featured the most yellow cards, 14.

16 - The most cautions in a single World Cup match is 16. The aforementioned game between Portugal and Holland featured 16 yellow cards, as did the 2002 clash between Germany and Cameroon.

88 - Argentina are the nation to have received the most cautions - 88 - spread across 64 World Cup games.

345 - Across the 64 matches in Germany in 2006 , 345 yellow cards were brandished - the most cautions in a single finals tournament.

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