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Section 2 - Membership

4 July 2013


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> 3. The League
> 4. Resignation from Membership

3 The League

3.1 Membership of The League shall constitute an agreement between The League and each Club to be bound by and comply with:

3.1.1 these Regulations and the Articles of Association;

3.1.2 the Football Association Rules;

3.1.3 the Laws of the Game;

3.1.4 the Rules and Regulations of any body of which The League is a member;

3.1.5 the terms of the Tripartite Agreement insofar as such terms apply to the members of The League for that Season;

3.1.6 the terms of any agreement entered into by The League;

3.1.7 the terms of any Cup or other competitions conducted or controlled by The League; and

3.1.8 each of the aforesaid as altered, revoked or added to from time to time.

3.2 Further, for the avoidance of doubt, every Club, by becoming and remaining a member of The League, agrees to compete in the League Competition, The Football League Cup, The Football Association Challenge Cup and all other competitions conducted or controlled by The League and in which it is eligible to compete.

3.3 Such agreement to have effect from the date of the Club's admission to The League and terminate upon such Club ceasing to be a member (but without prejudice to any rights or claims which may have arisen or arise in respect of acts or omissions prior to such date).

4 Resignation from Membership

4.1 A Club may only resign from membership of The League at the end of a Season. Any Club wishing to resign from membership of The League otherwise than by reason of promotion to The Premier League or relegation to The Football Conference shall give provisional notice of its intention to do so by 1 January in the year concerned and shall confirm its resignation by 1 April in that year.

4.2 Any Club which is in breach of the provisions of this Regulation shall on demand indemnify The League against all losses, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses suffered or incurred by The League which result directly or indirectly from such breach including, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, any loss of income or profits from any sponsorship or other commercial agreement or arrangement.

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