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International Fans

What is iFollow?

The EFL has improved the PlayerHD service, which has been relaunched and renamed iFollow. iFollow is a digital live streaming and content platform that will revolutionise the way football fans overseas can follow their EFL teams.

As part of your club's new website iFollow will, for the first time in English football, allow overseas fans to live stream up to 46 live games featuring their club within the regular EFL season. In addition, fans will have access to extended highlights and exclusive behind the scenes videos in HD, across desktop, mobile, tablet and app.

How much does an iFollow subscription cost?

Season passes are priced at the equivalent of £110.

Australia - AUD$185

Canada - CAD$190

EU - €130

USA - $140

Note: Season Passes are not currently available for purchase.

I’ve seen iFollow advertised for £45. Has the price changed?

Fans in the UK and Republic of Ireland will be paying £45 for iFollow as they do not have access to any live video of streamed games, which is only available to overseas fans.

Can I purchase a pass on a monthly basis or for a single game?

At present season passes are available (prices above) and match passes (when not selected for TV coverage) for just £5 per game.

What devices does iFollow work on?

iFollow is available across desktop, mobile, tablet and app. Users watching matches live on a mobile will have to use the iFollow app, which is available via the App Store and Google Play Store. There is currently no available app on the Amazon Appstore.


What clubs offer iFollow subscriptions?

Only clubs who have opted in to utilise the iFollow platform will be able to offer subscriptions to iFollow. These clubs are known as EFL Digital clubs and have launched new websites which include the iFollow platform. To check whether your club has opted in to utilise iFollow see below, or click here.

Why are some clubs not currently offering iFollow?

iFollow is only available to clubs playing in the EFL during the 2017/18 season and who have opted in to utilise the iFollow platform. Any club which is not listed above will still be able to live stream their games, but will provide their fans with access through their own club digital services should they wish to. We are therefore unable to provide subscriptions to fans of Accrington Stanley, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Bristol City, Charlton Athletic, Derby County, Forest Green, Fulham, Hull City, Middlesbrough, QPR, Sunderland and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

If you are a fan of one of these clubs please contact your club for more information.

Why do fans in the UK and Republic of Ireland not have the same access to iFollow as international fans?

Under the EFL’s existing broadcast agreement with Sky Sports clubs are unable to offer fans in the UK or Republic of Ireland the same access to iFollow as international fans.

What games will fans outside of the UK and Republic of Ireland be able to watch live via iFollow?

More than 1,500 matches will be available in HD quality, with iFollow showing every EFL league match live unless that match has been selected, or ‘blacked out’, by the EFL’s overseas broadcast partners.

What games will fans outside of the UK and Republic of Ireland be unable to watch live via iFollow?

Games from the Carabao Cup and Sky Bet Play-Offs will not be available via iFollow.

When can I subscribe from?

Now! iFollow is now available as part of all EFL Digital clubs’ new websites.

How do I subscribe to iFollow?

Simply click here and select your club from the list shown. You’ll be directed straight to your club’s iFollow page where you can subscribe.

If I am subscribed to my club’s PlayerHD service will I automatically join iFollow?

No, your subscription to PlayerHD has now ended and you will need to register for a new season pass to gain access to iFollow. Those supporters whose PlayerHD subscriptions have been terminated early have been issued refunds on a pro rata basis. Please email with any further queries relating to this.

If I live outside the UK or Republic of Ireland and subscribe to iFollow, will I be able to watch games on iFollow when travelling to the UK or Republic of Ireland?

No, when in the UK or Republic of Ireland you will not be able to live stream games on iFollow.

Do I need a local bank account?

Yes, to register for iFollow outside of the UK or Republic of Ireland, you will need a local bank account and local address.

What commentary will be used on iFollow?

Commentary to accompany games on iFollow is managed by EFL clubs. Please contact your club should you have specific questions on your club’s commentary.

Will my club show pre-season friendlies or youth games?

The streaming of pre-season friendlies and youth games live will be at the clubs’ discretion. Please contact your club should you have additional questions relating to this.

Can you only watch matches live, or will the footage be available on demand?

Full match footage and highlights will be available on iFollow from midday (GMT) the day after a regular season EFL league match.

I am logged in elsewhere, but I want to access the live video playback on another device. Is this possible?

Yes. The system will automatically stop playback on any other devices and the most recent log in will take precedent.

I can't find a button to click through to the live video stream, how do I access it?

The buttons to click on to watch the live stream will not appear until 30 minutes prior to kick-off.

I have a different question that has not been answered. Who can I contact?

Please email with any other queries.