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About Carabao

In the hot, steamy climate of Thailand, you need energy to get you through the day.

Carabao Energy drink fuels that essential need. It is as important to the working people of Thailand as the Carabao beast itself. AED Carabao (pronounced ED) is to Thailand what Springsteen is to America and Marley is to Jamaica. He celebrates the struggles and victories of the working Thais. That’s why they love him. But rather than just sing about this, 15 years ago he decided with his close friend and business visionary Sathien Setthasit, to do something about it. That’s why they created Carabao as an everyday companion for the people of Thailand. Songs gave them hope. Carabao gives them energy.

Our energy drink is one of the largest drinks in Thailand and now we are ready to take on the world with our philosophy that says everyone can overcome their dailiy challenges and reach their goals with the fighting spirit of the Carabao inside them.

The legend of the Carabao runs through everything we do and everything we believe in.