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When you need a physical or mental boost, Carabao gives you the energy you need to get through the day.

Established fifteen years ago in Thailand – the home of energy drinks – Carabao is a premium, great tasting energy boost, designed to give consumers the energy they need to achieve their everyday goals.

Aed carabao (pronounced Ed) is to Thailand what Springsteen is to America and Marley is to Jamaica. He celebrates the struggles and victories of the working Thais. That's why they love him. But rather than just sing about this, in 2002 he decided, with his close friend and business visionary Sathien Setthasit, to do something about it. That's why they created Carabao as an everyday companion for the people of Thailand. Songs gave them hope. Carabao gives them energy.

Today, Carabao, one of the largest brands in Thailand, is sold in 330ml cans and is currently available in four variants: Original, Original Sugar Free, Green Apple and Green Apple Sugar Free, with further flavour launches planned for 2018.

Carabao Energy Drink is currently in its first season of a new three-year partnership with the EFL. The newly named Carabao Cup offers a significant opportunity for the Thai brand to engage with football fans – a third of whom drink energy drinks – via its association with one of the biggest football competitions in the country.

Bring It On!