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Family Club of the Year

Family Club of the Year

The Family Club of the Year Award honors the club that is leading the way across the EFL and continuing to push their standards to provide the very best experience for families and young fans. . One winner is selected per division with all three being celebrated on the night, as well as the announcement of the overall winner.

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Family Club of the Year

    Family Club of the Year


    Judges will be looking for the club that best demonstrates outstanding delivery of activity to attract and retain families at games.

    Entries will be judged taking into account the following:

    Evidence of a strategic approach to attracting families to games which would include:

    • Initiatives to attract and welcome families
    • Family engagement/interaction on matchdays and non-matchday
    • Development of special facilities for families and young fans (family zones / areas etc)
    • Family-friendly catering / programme content / retail services
    • Examples of consultation/research with families and young fans
    • Any other family-focussed initiatives, displaying a level of innovation
    • Evidence of the impact of the strategic approach above, and any measureable results

    Family Excellence performance in 2018 including the first assessment visit as part of the 2018/19 Family Excellence Scheme.



    All forms are 'live' online - once your entry is complete please press the 'SUBMIT' button at the end of the form. Once this has been submitted you will not be able to amend the form.

    Once you have submitted your completed application you will receive an acknowledgement which you should keep for your records.

    Please ensure the following are included in your submission:

    COMPLETED AWARD ONLINE ENTRY FORM (electronic format only, hard copies will not be accepted, please also note word limits)

    SUITABLE IMAGES (high resolution jpegs - these will be used on the evening should you be shortlisted)

    ONE MAIN PIECE OF SUPPORTING MATERIAL (all relevant materials should be considered for entry, with clubs encouraged to be as creative as possible to showcase their family initiatives/matchday activities. All video/DVD clips should be no more than 5 minutes long).

    Please note, you are encouraged to attach supporting material (images, one main piece of supporting material) using the upload file button at the bottom of this form.

    To submit video evidence with your application, please email the file, transfer link or YouTube link to  clearly labelling the file with your club and which award it should be considered for. 

    Should you require any assistance or advice in completing this form please contact: the EFL Supporter Services Department – - Tel 01772 325829.

    Please use this section to give a very brief summary of your entry, covering your main objectives, key activities and results in relation to the family initiatives at your club.

    Please outline what you set out to achieve in undertaking your family engagement activity. Detailing specific targets and strategic objectives that can be matched to results will assist the judges.

    There are no set timescales here and Clubs can detail medium/long term projects that have been ‘in progress’ over recent seasons, or an initiative recently launched, as long as impact of these activities has been measured and results can be identified. Please try to keep your objectives brief, using bullet points if possible.

    Please detail the key activity you have undertaken to achieve your objectives, to demonstrate your commitment to attracting and retaining family groups of supporters in 2018/19.

    It is recommended that you list the activity as short bullet points with a brief summary paragraph below each bullet giving more detail on that activity.

    Use this section to demonstrate the impact your activities have had and provide examples of tangible results to illustrate your success at attracting and retaining young fans and families.

    Please note this should focus on what you have achieved over the last 12 months and in particular any demonstrable progress from the previous year. The impact and overall results should ideally be both quantitative through the detailing of hard data, and qualitative with ‘real life’ examples or anecdotes of the impact made.

    Please detail below all the material you have supplied and identify the main piece you wish the judges to focus on.

    We recommend that should the Club submit a video piece, it showcases the work undertaken to meet its strategic objectives and provides a flavour of the sort of matchday experience families might have at your Club. The judges will be looking for any supporting material or videos that ‘brings to life’ your key achievements/activities.

    Please submit only one main piece (note that video/DVD clips should be no more than 5 minutes long and the length of the clip should be noted below).

    To submit video evidence or additional imagery with your application, please email the file, transfer link or YouTube link to  clearly labelling the file with your club and which award it should be considered for. 

    Additional photographs, press cuttings and printed literature etc can be included as secondary material.

    Please note, you are encouraged to upload supporting material via the button below (images, one main piece of supporting material). Should you encounter any difficulties you can email for assistance