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Section 7 - Broadcasting & Sponsorship


76 Televising of Matches

76.1 No audio and/or visual footage from any match in any competition conducted by The League shall be televised or recorded or transmitted by internet, television, mobile networks, satellite or cable or any similar method except with the written consent of The League nor shall any Club take part in any match (except matches in the Football Association Challenge Cup Competition) which is to be televised or recorded or transmitted by satellite or cable or any similar method without first obtaining the written consent of The League.

76.2 The League or any subsidiary or associated company of The League or duly authorised agent or broadcaster (and its respective employees and agents) shall be allowed access to the grounds of all Clubs (and to the television gantries, camera positions and facilities) for the purpose of recording or broadcasting matches arranged under the jurisdiction of The League.

77 Television Payments to the PFA

77.1 The League shall pay to the Professional Footballers’ Association for education, insurance and benevolent purposes, such amounts as shall be established in accordance with the separate agreement between The League and the Professional Footballers’ Association in existence from time to time. No other payment for appearing on television shall be made to the Players.

78 Commercial Agreements

78.1 A ‘commercial contract’ shall include, but not be restricted to, any contract or agreement relating to television or broadcasting rights, the making of films or recordings of matches, the production of videos or any similar reproduction device, sponsorships, merchandising and advertising (including perimeter board advertising).

78.2 The Board is empowered on behalf of The League to enter into any commercial contract which is considered to be in the best interests of The League and the Clubs save that the Board is not empowered to enter into any contract or agreement relating to television rights or any other commercial contract which represents more than 25% of the projected income of The League over the period of the contract or agreement, unless such contract or agreement has been approved in principle by the Commercial Committee. Any contract agreement so entered into by The League shall be binding upon Clubs and Clubs shall not enter into commercial contracts which are at variance with commercial contracts entered into by The League.

78.3 The League shall inform Clubs of the relevant terms of all such commercial contracts entered into by The League and when doing so can (without prejudice to the rights of The League to bring proceedings before a Disciplinary Commission for breaches thereof) designate certain requirements of those commercial contracts as strict liability offences in accordance with Regulation 87 and subject Clubs to the imposition of fixed penalties in the event of default.

78.4 In any event, each Club shall indemnify The League against any liability The League may incur in the event of a finding by a Court of Law or other body of competent jurisdiction that The League induced the Club to breach a contract with a third party as a result of requiring the Club to comply with this Regulation 78.

78.5 All commercial contracts relating to television, broadcasting and radio rights and Internet programming and title sponsorship of The Championship, shall be negotiated on behalf of The League by a Commercial Committee comprising the Chief Executive, three representatives of The Championship and one representative of Leagues One and Two, such representatives to be appointed from the Alternate Director(s) appointed by a Division (and where there are insufficient Alternate Directors for any Division, such other individuals as appointed by the Board). The Board and/or committee may also co-opt other members as appropriate.

78.6 Any commercial contract negotiated by the Commercial Committee shall be subject to formal approval of the Board.

78.7 The Commercial Committee may not conclude any proposed commercial contract which would alter the structure of the League Competition or cup competitions, compromise or abandon any League properties or which would conflict with The League’s contractual and other relationships.

78.8 Where there is any conflict between a commercial contract entered into by a Club and one entered into by The League then the latter shall prevail and Clubs shall reflect this Regulation in any of their commercial contracts.

78.9 Where, however, a Club has registered a commercial contract with The League then The League shall pay compensation to the Club in the event of The League entering into a commercial contract which is at variance with the Club’s registered commercial contract and where, as a result of the provisions of The League’s commercial contract prevailing, the Club incurs a financial penalty or loss of income, provided always that the Club shall take all reasonable steps to mitigate any such penalty or loss.

78.10 The compensation payable by The League to a Club under the foregoing provisions shall be such as is agreed between the parties or in default of agreement as determined in accordance with Section 9 of these Regulations.

Note - Clubs are reminded that the facilities required at each ground will depend upon the terms of each commercial contract. Details can be obtained from the Commercial Department. League and Cup competitions differ.

79 Programme Advertising / Editorial

79.1 Where a Club produces a match programme, the Club must make available one full page of advertising or editorial material in that match programme for the benefit of The League to promote League initiatives.

79.2 Any Club not producing a match programme will be required to agree alternative inventory with The League.


The EFL is consulting on whether Clubs should be required to produce a match programme or not.  At present there are a number of commercial contracts which require delivery of programme advertising which will require Clubs to continue producing programmes, but in the interim the requirement in the Regulations is being updated to cater for a scenario where a programme is not required. However, it is likely that alternative inventory would need to be delivered in substitution.

80 Football Foundation Advertising

80.1 Clubs shall each Season make available for the benefit of the Football Foundation not less than 1.33 million advertising impressions (of a size to be agreed with The League) on the Club‘s official website for the benefit of the Football Foundation.


Adverts delivered under this Regulation should meet the standard ‘MPU’ measurement of 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall.  Should any Club site need to feature adverts with different proportions then the League will consider those as acceptable where it can be shown that those alternatives provide an equivalent level of exposure to the standard.

81 Post-Match Media Arrangements

81.1 In addition to any obligations imposed on Clubs, Officials, Managers and Players under the terms of any commercial contract notified in accordance with Regulation 78, the Home Club shall facilitate post-match media arrangements following the conclusion of each match played under the auspices of The League. These should include interviews for The League’s broadcast partners where requested and the opportunity for accredited representatives of other media to ask relevant questions.

81.2 Each Club participating in the relevant match shall procure the compliance by their Manager in respect of these obligations

82 League Media Events

82.1 Each Club shall, when requested to do so by the League, ensure that at least one first team squad Player and/or the Manager are available to attend media events as organised by The League from time to time.  Such attendance shall mean the Player and/or Manager being available for a continuous two hour period at a location of the League’s choice and include their being interviewed by The League, The League’s appointed broadcasters and other invited media.  No Club will be required to procure attendance more than once in any three Seasons.