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Brand & Values


The EFL is a unique sporting property, the world's original league football competition. Whatever your reason to love football, the EFL offers something for you. 


The EFL delivers against the aspirations of every supporter, club, player and stakeholder to excel within the game. The ambition of our clubs, players and fans is at the heart of the competition, with every game important in the battle for promotion, or to avoid relegation. Sitting at the heart of the English league pyramid, the EFL competition silverware is amongst the most prized in football. 


As the world’s first professional football league, the EFL is world-renowned as the pioneering body within the origin of footballing competition. Its attraction has stood the test of time with over 16 million fans going through the turnstiles at matches across the three divisions each season making the EFL the most-attended sports property in the UK. 


All EFL member clubs have a prestigious place within the heart of their respective communities. They actively represent the interests of their towns and cities coming together on a local and national level to positively impact on the societies they serve for the betterment of all. Underpinned by the services and projects of the EFL Trust and the individual club trusts within that network, the EFL is a place where clubs, fans and communities can come together to enjoy a unique and shared experience. 


Innovation has always been central to the EFL brand. From its inception in 1888 paving the way for professional league football to the introduction of major, game-changing innovations such as three points for a win and the Play-Offs format, the EFL has been at the forefront of sporting progress for the last 132 years. The unique advances made by the EFL, often replicated in other properties across the world both in and out of football, supports its reputation as an organisation that is constantly improving its competitions for the benefit of supporters and clubs alike.